In this blog post, we will discuss how to block emails on iCloud, Gmail, Yahoo, And Outlook. So read carefully and apply them easily and quickly methods.

How to block emails on iCloud

how to block emails on icloud

First of all, I start with how to block emails on iCloud. Well, iCloud is online storage for your Apple devices like MacBook Pro, iPhone, iPad, and iPod. But sometimes it would be annoying when you receive many email addresses on your iCloud account that you don’t want to read or check. For this problem, we use “iCloud Blocker” applications that will work as a bridge between your emails on iCloud and your email accounts. It helps you to block all unwanted or spammy emails on your iCloud account so you can freely use your iCloud account without getting an unwanted email address again.

iCloud Blocker | How to Use

This program can work on your Apple devices like iPhone, iPad, iPod that are linked to iCloud. It is very easy to use – simply download, install and run it. So you can block emails on iCloud by following the steps below:

1. Download iCloud Blocker from Here.

2. Install and launch the application, sign in with your iCloud account to load it onto your computer.

3. Just click on ‘Block List’ so you can create a list of all unwanted emails by filling up a few boxes as for what exactly you want to block: email addresses or message contents or senders’ names.

4. Click ‘Start Spam Filter’. Your blocked list is now saved, so click the ‘Launch iCloud Now!‘ button to activate this new blocking function. So you can more safely use your iCloud account without any annoying emails addresses on it.

How to block emails on Gmail

how to block emails on gmail

In Google, Gmail is a free webmail service that can be used by any email client. In this case, they will use the “MailWasher” application to secure themselves from spammy emails and other unwanted emails by blocking it on Gmail without deleting or losing their emails on Gmail.

Don’t worry below I will give you a complete Method for blocking emails with “MailWasher”.

how to block emails on Yahoo

how to block emails on yahoo

In the case of Yahoo, we can use the “MailWasher” application too. Yes, Block spam and other unwanted email addresses from your Yahoo account with the help of the MailWasher app. You can use the same application for blocking emails on an Outlook account with no difficulty.

How to block emails on Outlook

how to block emails on outlook

For all email accounts, including popular services like Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and Outlook you can use MailWasher software to delete or block unwanted email addresses in your mailbox without deleting or losing any message from your mailbox. It will automatically scan each incoming email and highlight any of your personal information, such as name, phone number, or an email address that you want to block. You can then click a link that will allow you to add the email address to your “MailWasher Contact List” from where it will never ever reach your inbox again.

If you don’t know how to use MailWasher Then Read Below

What Is MailWasher?

MailWasher Free is a spam filter designed to protect your inbox from unwanted email addresses. It will help you to block and delete all types of emails like:

· Spam email

· Unwanted or junk emails

· Marketing emails

How to Use It?

You can follow the steps below to start using MailWasher, but before that make sure you have installed it on your computer.

Step 1: Go to the MailWasher site and click “Download it!” at the top of the page.

Step 2: Install it on your computer and start using it by following the instructions.

Just simply follow the instruction and choose the contact you want to block email from them. Like, select contact numbers and block them.

So, you have done it. Now, no unwanted email address will annoy you again on your iCloud account or Gmail or Yahoo Mail. So try out these steps to use MailWasher now!


So, now you know how to block emails on iCloud, Gmail or Outlook, or Yahoo Mail. All of these services are very useful and if somebody is spamming you with unwanted email addresses then this article will help you to solve it easily. Just try out these methods and make your inbox clean from the spammy email address which annoys you again.

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