Today I will discuss the best method for how to open a locker, if you lost your locker key and wants to open it read the article carefully.

How to open a locker

First step: if you have a lost your locker key or forgot the combination to open it, then first of all find out that what type of lock is on the locker. There are two types of locks mainly in use in schools and office buildings i.e. dial lock and key padlock.

Dial Lock- in this type two number wheels are used to open it. If you have a small lock with two number wheels from the front side, then use the numbers that you used for your combination and turn clockwise or anti-clockwise both wheels till the door opens.

Keypad Lock- In this type only one keypad is present, so press each button of it for at least five seconds. If you press any button, then the red light will turn on, so don’t worry if the light turns on or not.

Second Step: Unscrew the screws to remove panels at both sides of the locker because sometimes keys are hidden inside these panels.

The third step: Now take a paper clip or hairpin and bend it to make a straight line. Take it and insert into the keyhole, then turn it gently until the locker opens.

The fourth step: In most cases, they don’t have any locks at the top, so if it’s open from one side, then you can easily take out your stuff from there else simply push down with force the bottom of the door, and it will get open.

How do you open a locker lock?

First of all, you need a bobby pin or a paper clip, these can be found in most offices and schools. Once you have straightened out the tool of your choice, find the number lock hole on the top of your locker door. In this example, we will use a paper clip.

Insert the straightened end into the keyhole and push forward until you feel the tool hit a stop. Now, rotate the paperclip upwards slowly as you push it into the locker. You will feel a click or bump when the pins of the lock line up with the hole of your locker door.

Now that your bobby pin* is aligned to open your lock turn your wrist upwards and downwards simultaneously and your locker will open.

*You can use a bobby pin (a small piece of metal that is bent into the shape of a hairpin) or a paperclip as these are commonly found in offices, schools, and homes.



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How do you open a 3 digit combination lock?

When you combine 3 numbers, there are 10,000 possibilities. But if only use the numbers 1-9 then this will reduce to 100 possible combinations which is not so much.

  1. Get a paperclip or bobby pin and use it to locate the lock combination (combination dial) at the top of your locker door.

  2. Bend the paperclip/bobby pin straight.

  3. Align your combination tool to the first number, and push it into the locker door until you feel resistance or hear a click.

  4. Rotate the tool up as far as it will go in the direction of the arrows on the dial. This movement moves the first number clockwise.

  5. Push the straightened end of your paperclip/bobby pin into the door until you feel resistance or hear a click. This movement moves the first number counterclockwise.

  6. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for the remaining two numbers.

  7. Your locker should open now! If not, you may have to use the method of unscrewing and removing panels (especially if your lock is placed at the top side)

How do you open a school locker?

When you close your locker door, do not press it down hard as this will lock the locker.

Once you have closed your locker door and secured it with a lock, press down on the middle of the door until you hear a click. This locks the door and allows for more security.

How to open a locker lock without the combination?

You can use a paper clip, bobby pin, or any bent wire to open your locker door.


I hope the article on how to open a locker helps you a lot. This will be the best way to open a locker so try it out and follow these simple steps to your school/offices/home locker.

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