What Does OFC Mean and How Can It Help You in Your Workplace?

‍The OFC (Official Facilitators) is a new, job-specific designation that is designed to help companies streamline their human resource processes. As more businesses look for ways to remain competitive in the workplace and keep up with changing technologies, many companies have begun to adopt the so-called “hire-less-than-full’ hire practices. This move toward a more casual and less formal hiring process is also known as “OFC”. What is OFC? And how can it help you in your workplace? Keep reading to learn more.

What is OFC?

OFC stands for Official Facilitators. It is a designation created by the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) to help companies streamline their human resource processes and it lays out guidelines for employers to use in hiring employees. This allows businesses to be more competitive in the workplace, as well as keep up with changing technology, without having to hire full-time employees.

What is the OFC Program?

The Official Facilitators (OFC) program is a new job-specific designation that was developed by the United States Department of Labor. The purpose of the OFC is to streamline human resource processes within organizations, specifically in a non-traditional work environment such as a “hire-less-than full’ hire practice. This new designation is designed for individuals who are employed in and/or facilitating various aspects of an organization’s business operations, such as recruitment, marketing, and communications.

What kinds of companies are using the OFC Program?

Many companies have been using the OFC designation over the last few years. They include -McDonald’s -Hilton -Microsoft -Toyota -Taco Bell -PepsiCo -H&M -Sweden Telecom -and Boeing Of course, this is just a small sample of companies that participate in the OFC program. The list only includes large corporations with high stability, which is why we chose to focus on these examples.

What Does the OFC Badge Mean?

The OFC badge is a new, job-specific designation that is designed to help companies streamline their human resource processes. In order to be an OFC, you must have the formal qualifications and experience necessary to do your work. The idea behind the OFC badge is to help companies make informed decisions about who they hire without having to conduct lengthy interviews every time. One of the best parts about working as an OFC is that there are no interview panels involved in the hiring process.
This means that it’s much easier for employers to find qualified candidates for important positions. Additionally, there are no evaluations or appraisals involved in this type of hiring process. The other great thing about working as an OFC is that you get to maintain your personal work hours and schedule while still staying employed by a company at a high level position. One of the drawbacks of being an employee rather than a freelancer is that you don’t necessarily get paid as well as freelancers might, but with the convenience of being able to work from home and maintain your own hours, it’s much more appealing than working under strict company hours. To become an official facilitator (OFC), all you need is formal qualifications and experience in your field of expertise and a willingness to follow certain guidelines when interacting with business partners or clients.

How to Apply for the OFC Program

In order to apply for the OFC designation, a company must first be approved as an OFC candidate. Companies should go through the process of becoming an OFC candidates in order to learn more about the benefits and requirements. After a company has been approved, it can become eligible to apply for the designation by applying for and receiving official certification from its designated state’s human resource authority. After being certified, your company will be eligible to apply for the OFC designation. You’ll need to submit a completed application form with all pertinent information, along with any additional materials or certifications that you want the application reviewer to consider when making a final decision on your application.

Why is the OFC Created?

Companies are trying to keep up with the changing times in order to stay competitive. As a result, more and more companies have begun hiring people on a “hiring less than full-time” basis. This is a process where individuals will be hired for specific projects, rather than working continuously for the company. The OFC designation is designed to help these companies streamline their human resource processes. It does this by helping your business find qualified candidates who are excited about the work that you do, as well as offering simple and efficient ways for those employees to be hired (for example, through an online application).
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How to Become an OFC

If you have a job offer, or if you’re applying for a job, you can apply to be an OFC. To become an OFC, you need to be an employee of a company that already has at least one other OFC. You also need to have a formalized training program for your position and meet certain criteria for the position.
  1.  Businesses are hiring more employees through the “hire-less-than-full” hire practices

  2. The new designation aims to help companies streamline their human resource processes

  3. There is no specific hiring process; however, businesses will typically organize their own training programs or have existing training programs they use.

How Does an OFC Help You in Your Workplace?

OFC stands for “Official Facilitator.” This designation is a job-specific role that was created to help companies streamline their human resource processes. The official facilitator is in charge of all hiring, as well as other tasks, like onboarding and training new employees. OFCs can be hired by employers in multiple industries, but are most commonly found in the hospitality industry where they are often called “event coordinators” or “hospitality liaison.” This role has a few key benefits for both employers and employees.
First, it provides a greater level of flexibility for employers who may not have the time to spend on certain HR-related duties. Second, the OFC can provide guidance and information to new employees while also simplifying the process of hiring. And finally, it can reduce the unnecessary red tape involved with filling positions which allows companies to save time and money. OFCs are also more likely to stay longer in the company because they are not subjected to strict rules or limitations on working hours like other employees might be.

How to become a Certified OFC

The OFC is a new designation for your job. If you want to get certified as an OFC, you will need to attend the training program hosted by the Certification Council. Once you’ve completed the training, and been approved by the CEO of your company, you will be given your certificate. This certification helps companies streamline their process of hiring new employees with less paperwork and more efficiency. The certification also helps individuals gain recognition in their field, which can often be difficult when working in a professional environment.
Another advantage of becoming an OFC is that it could help speed up your career trajectory. An OFC may be able to move into a different role at her company faster than someone who doesn’t have this designation would be able to do so. This could give someone with this certification more opportunities in their career because they’re already ahead of the game at their company. In fact, 89 percent of marketers say methods like search engine optimization (SEO) are successful because they were taught how to use these techniques early on in their careers.


The OFC is a program that gives you a chance to take control of your professional future. It provides you with the skills and knowledge you need to start your own business and work from home — the perfect solution for people who want more flexibility in their work life. With the help of certified OFC professionals and the community they have created, the program helps you build your business and get closer to your dream.
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