This article will explore predictive dialer software, including the top 10 predictive dialer tools available for purchase today!

Predictive dialers are a type of software that is used to automate the process of calling potential customers. Predictive dialers work by making calls and attempting to get people on the phone.

What is a predictive dialer?

predictive dialer software

A predictive dialer is a software that can automate the process of calling potential customers. This allows a business to make many more calls than they could manually.

The automation process starts by programming in certain criteria, such as what area codes and prefixes to call, when to start calling, and when to stop calling. When all criteria have been met, the dialer initiates calls automatically. This allows businesses to maximize potential profits by contacting many more leads than they could without the help of a predictive dialer.

What are inbound and outbound call tracking?

Many companies are starting to use the power of predictive dialers with inbound and outbound call tracking.

A common way to track the effectiveness of a business phone number is by using an inbound and outbound call tracking system. This allows businesses to see useful information such as:

– how many times each phone number is called

– which keywords were used to find certain numbers

– what time of day works best for calling potential customers, and much more!

Why choose a predictive dialer?

After discovering the various ways predictive dialers can help your business, you may be wondering why it is that predictive dialers are becoming more popular.

Predictive dialers allow companies to do something that would otherwise be nearly impossible on their own: make many calls at one time.

By automating the process of calling potential customers, businesses are able to make more sales calls in a shorter period of time.

Many different predictive dialer tools are available, so it’s important to find one that is compatible with your business and helps you meet your personal goals.

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Predictive Dialers Top 10 List:

1. CallFire


CallFire is a unique text message marketing system that works with predictive dialers. It allows businesses to send out custom SMS messages to potential customers that are then forwarded directly to their phones. This technology has been shown to increase opt-ins by 1,000%!

2. eReceptionist


eReceptionist is a call answering and virtual receptionist software that can be used with predictive dialers. It provides many features such as:

Answering inbound calls for businesses when no one is at the company who can answer the phone, which will lead to more sales.

Using outbound predictive dialer capabilities in order to contact and speak with potential customers.

Setting up email alerts so that you know when someone calls your business.

3. Ringio


Ringio is a web app that helps small businesses get more sales by providing predictive dialer capabilities, call tracking and cloud PBX services. It allows you to make many important decisions about how your business phone should function, such as what number to use.

Ringio also offers geofencing so that your business can track how many people are coming in and out of the building. This is an easy way for companies to know if their location is experiencing increased foot traffic or not.

4. Tropo


Tropo is a cloud platform that is used for inbound and outbound communication. Tropo can be integrated with predictive dialers to increase business efficiency through automation. When using Tropo, businesses benefit by having an extremely customizable platform that allows them to do things like read their customers’ Facebook posts, send SMS messages, implement voice calls, build chatbots, integrate data from spreadsheets, and much more.

5. Phonalyzr

Phonalyzr is software for predictive dialers that can track all of your phone calls and provides reports on them so that businesses can make the best decisions on how they should proceed with certain strategies. Instead of wasting time calling customers who won’t be interested in buying your products, businesses can use Phonalyzr to avoid these situations and concentrate on the customers who have a higher chance of being interested.

Phonalyzr allows businesses to set up call groups which are basically lists of people that you can call with a single click of a button. This is helpful in keeping track of the customers that you do call, which is important for accurate reporting to your clients.

6. RingRevenue

ring revenue

RingRevenue is another predictive dialer software that uses data collected from previous calls in order to make more educated guesses about what types of people might be on the other end of the phone line. This technology essentially allows businesses to pinpoint the best people to call, which results in more sales.

RingRevenue also has an easy-to-use interface that allows you to set up individual campaigns for each predictive dialer campaign if needed. This feature makes it possible to make changes on the go without having to wait for a technician or any other kind of expert to do it.

7. CallLoop

call loop

CallLoop not only offers predictive dialer software but also provides businesses with a complete call center that comes with personal managers who are there to help you get the most out of your campaigns.

CallLoop is cloud-based which makes it easy for businesses to use on any device they want without having to download any applications or install anything new. This makes it easy to start making money right away.

8. VoiceTree

voice tree

VoiceTree offers predictive dialer capabilities that are simple, intuitive, and customizable. This makes it easier for businesses to adjust their approach on the fly instead of having to wait until a new campaign starts or hire an expert to do it for them.

VoiceTree is an affordable predictive dialer software that is easy to use. It can be used on any device and offers call recording, easy reporting, and an outbound calling feature. VoiceTree also has the ability to integrate with other business apps including Google Drive, Basecamp, Gmail, Paypal, Quickbooks, Shopify, or Zendesk.

9. Wallaby Financial


Wallaby Financial offers businesses a predictive dialer that comes with the ability to have caller ID, voice recognition, IVR capabilities, and instant support whenever it is needed. Wallaby allows you to send batch messages in order to save time when using predictive dialers on multiple clients at once.

Wallaby can easily be integrated into any business’ existing payment or invoicing system. This makes it possible for businesses to invoice and charge clients at the time of a phone call, which increases the chances that they will receive the money owed to them.

10. CallerFire

CallerFire is one of the most popular predictive dialer software options available today. It offers you a simple interface that has a strong focus on sales and driving leads.

CallerFire allows businesses to upload their own lists into the system so they can keep track of important information about each person on it. This makes it possible to see the history of the calls that have been made with each customer.

CallerFire also has customizable predictive dialers, voice broadcasting capabilities, and marketing campaigns that are easy to set up and customize depending on your needs. CallerFire is supported by 24/7 support which makes it easier for businesses to get help when they need it instead of having to wait around for someone or look for answers on their own.


I hope you found these 10 predictive dialer software reviews helpful! If you know of any other good predictive dialer platforms, please let me know in the comments. I’d love to hear about them! Thank you for reading and happy selling!

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