Which States Have the Lowest Property Tax?

When it comes to real estate, taxes can make or break your budget. Homes in some states are more affordable because the property tax rate is lower. But how do you find out which states have the lowest property tax rates?

Here are the 5 states that have the lowest property tax rates in America. You may be surprised by these!

The 5 States With the Lowest Property Tax Rates

  • Florida

Florida has the 5th lowest property tax rates in the United States. The average amount of homes are valued at $135,000.

  • Illinois

Illinois has the lowest property tax rate in America with a property tax rate of 2.2%. Considering Illinois is one of the largest states in America, low taxes are a huge advantage. This low property tax rate is part of what makes Illinois an attractive place to live for people who don’t want to break the bank every year on their homes.

  • Iowa

Iowa is one of the states that has the lowest property tax rates. Iowa’s average property tax rate sits at 1.06 percent. That might seem like a lot, but it’s lower than some other states on this list. The state also has a homestead exclusion for new or first-time homebuyers up to $8,000, which you can claim on your taxes only once every 10 years.

  • Kansas

Kansas has a low property tax rate of only 0.4%. If you live in a house worth $200,000, you would pay $800 annually in property taxes. This is attractive for people who do not have a lot of money to spend on real estate.

  • Maine

There are 6 states in the U.S. with no income tax, but Maine is the only one of these that also have low property taxes. The average home in Maine costs $140,000, which means you pay just $1,760 each year in property taxes – less than any other state!

  • Massachusetts

Massachusetts has a property tax rate of 1.28%. This is the lowest in the country.

Median Property Tax Rate

One good way to know which states have the lowest property taxes is to look at the median property tax rate. The median property tax rate is the amount of taxes paid by the homeowner. To calculate this, you take all of the individual taxes and divide them by the number of households in a county. This gives you an average. The median property tax rates for 5 states are:

  1. AR – $636

  2. TX – $723

  3. LA – $837

  4. MS – $1,048

  5. OK – $1,279

Average Home Value

$225,000 New Hampshire

$241,100 Tennessee

$309,900 Ohio

$364,400 South Carolina


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What is the best app for finding property lines?

This is a difficult question to answer. There are many different apps out there for finding property lines, which can range from free to paid ones. On the other hand, some people may also try their luck by using an app like Google Maps or Waze and looking up where they live on the map in order to see what area it falls into (e.g. if you’re living near Laguna Beach within Orange County California). Finally, there could be potential homeowners that use old-fashioned methods such as hiring someone else who has done this before or checking at their town hall’s office for records of land ownership.

How do I see property lines on Google Maps?

google map

You can see property lines on Google Maps with the satellite option. Click the “Satellite” icon to view this map type or click on it in your toolbar at the top left of the screen. When you’re zoomed out, you’ll be able to see borders and boundaries for properties which are typically shown as dashed red lines that stretch across land parcels without any gaps between them.


What is a property tax?

A property tax, also known as real estate tax, is an annual levy on property owned by individuals or businesses. The property tax is calculated by taking the total value of the property and dividing it by the total number of parcels.

What are some states with low property taxes?

The five states with the lowest property taxes are Texas, Arkansas, Tennessee, Alabama, and Indiana. All these states have a property tax rate between 0.8% and 1%.

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